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Dream Homes With Jake can make your desire concerned reality by repairing you up with your favorite home! Our representatives keep their eagle-like vision chosen any person’& rsquo; s needs to acquire a house on the Illinois and Missouri side of the Mississippi River. Call our Company now and also we will obtain your configuration with a visit to discover the right home for you today!

Dr. Baptist amazingsmiles.com

Jake was great to work with! I was a first time home-buyer and didn't know anything about the process. I always thought that real-estate agents JUST showed houses, but I was completely wrong! Jake walked me through many houses and thoroughly inspected them as we went. When I finally found a house I liked, we talked about what was fair to offer and then he did all the work for me!.... phone calls, negotiation, paperwork preparation, everything! He found a lien on the house and did all sorts of extra work behind the scenes to get it settled without me ever having to call anyone myself. I got my house for a good price and he negotiated some great things into my contract that saved me a lot of money (roof replaced, fireplace cleaned, etc.). He's a really fun guy to go house hunting with, and he made the process really easy. I completely trust his expertise and recommend him!

Andrew Wilder

We worked with Jake when looking to buy our first home and we couldn’t have been happier throughout the entire process. With this being our first time experiencing the home-buying market, he was extremely knowledgeable of each property, common items to be aware of, neighborhood trends and comparisons, and had a great way keeping things simple and easy to comprehend. We always had good communication and we would have appointments to see a home on the next day after seeing the listing, or even the same day as it so happens with our new home! The market this year was so demanding but Jake made the process painless!

Bradshaw House of Nunnally

Jake Kline is a down-to-earth real estate broker who cares about the customers he serves mortgaging transitioning experience. Jake identified potential sellers that were economical to me near my new area of employment. He went above and beyond in his support efforts by Zoom meeting suitable homes, coordinating administrative processes, and meeting with owners; subsequently, to COVID-19 travel restriction as I domiciled out-of-state. Jake also monitored my new occupancy place for months during my government service tenure, 900+ miles away. He has been a difference-maker—an angel on earth. The world can be a better reality if more people have altruistic characteristics like Jake Kline.

Stephanie Kopp

Working with Jake was top notch. He knows his client and knows what they’re after. We worked together as a team and he would take our feedback and with each showing get us that much closer to our dream home. When we found the house it already had other offers and had only been on the market for 24 hours. But this was it. This was our home. Jake worked his magic and now every day we wake up thankful to be here in the home we always dreamt of. Thanks, Jake. You made the experience a delight.

Colin McLaughlin

Jake did a great job with us when we were shopping for and purchasing our house. We were kept well informed and he showed us what we wanted to see and not what was going to make him the most money. He worked well with the seller despite some complicated asks. I would use Jake again, without hesitation.

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